Final Fantasy XV story arc.

A note here folks, this will contain plot spoilers.


Final Fantasy XV (15), what an experience it was to watch the entire story arc – five hours it took, and it had everything from teenage angst to broken hearts; this game had it all (and odd banter between party members). Now this article will focus on the story rather than the gameplay as I have no hands on experience with the game itself; figure I’d leave that for a later date when (if) I pick up the title and play through it.


Lady Lunafreya came as a bit of a surprise, though unsurprising is her death halfway through the game as like in Final Fantasy 7 with Aeris Lady Lunafreya (or Luna for short) essentially is killed by the game’s main antagonist Ardyn Izunia (who if you watched the feature film Kingsglaive you will recognize him as the man with the weird bird-arm and long coat with fur). Through the entire first half of the game you are on a journey to find Luna, and Noctis (the protagonist) is set to be king after the marriage (with the death of his father and the sacking of the capital city Insomnia). Yet when you arrive to finally meet Luna and see a picturesque romance, she is just out of reach and eventually dies and can only communicate with Noctis through some sort of alternate spirit realm.


That moment was heartbreaking as he tries to reach Luna, only to realize that she is slipping away – Luna herself knows that she is no longer physically alive, and so she bids Noctis farewell before vanishing into the spirit realm for good. Noctis awakes to find that Luna is indeed dead and from there goes on a bit of a depression cycle while his companions attempt to pull him out of this phase. Noctis eventually snaps out of it after realizing that Luna and her brother Ravus did their best to secure his future even at the cost of their own lives, and from there he starts to mature to become the king he was destined to become.


This marks the death of all cast members of the feature film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV where Luna was one of only a handful to have survived the events of the film which take place in parallel to the game’s beginning (mainly the city being sacked and just before when Noctis departs while the Kingsglaive fight against the enemy Niflheim). While her time on screen in the game was somewhat limited, she plays a vital role in securing the future for Noctis and also being the anchor with which things go into motion (being the so-called Oracle).



Now let’s talk about it’s tie in with the film; basically if you haven’t watched the film you need not worry for there is not a lot that is dependent upon understanding the film (or animated series) in order to enjoy the game itself. Having seen the film certainly helps, but the only bits you need to know that relate to the game are the sacking of the city and Luna’s quest to aid Noctis as he claims his rightful place as king – everything else including the surviving characters from the film (minus a couple here and there who are actually in the game) are essentially non-existent from what I can tell.


Other than Luna’s story arc and Noctis’s quest, the game is essentially what fans of the Final Fantasy series can expect – lots of exotic landscapes, riding Chocobos, fighting daemons, and magic. Combat, based on observing it through the game movies, seems to be more action oriented than turn-based; bear that in mind when you play the game if you were hoping for turn-based combat like earlier Final Fantasy games.


The romance story of Luna and Noctis was what stood out for me as I watched the story unfold; a mix of sadness and grim hope for a solution in the future. Though Luna knows she is destined to pass away sometime soon, she carries out her duties to ensure Noctis progresses; this despite Noctis being a spoiled princely brat up until Luna’s death.


I will link the stories below; figured you might want to watch it if you have 5 hours to spare (I will also link the story of Noctis and Luna’s romance if you can only spare 2 hours). This concludes my review of the story for Final Fantasy XV – I liked it, though there is definitely some strange obsession with long spiky hair and odd fashions for males in this title. Thanks for reading everyone.


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