Star Wars The Old Republic The Eternal Throne story arc.

(Attention, there will be spoilers going forward.)


Once again we return to a galaxy far far away and we are thrown right into a war against the former Emperor’s sister Vaylin as she goes on a psychotic rampage across the galaxy. The story picks up directly where it left off after the events of Knights of the Fallen Empire where you lead an alliance against Vaylin as you attempt to stop her, eventually taking the throne for yourself and – depending on your choices – either conquer the throne or turn it into just another piece of the alliance.


The story finishes nicely from the Eternal Empire arc (a term I use for the two story arcs molding together) as you discover where SCORPIO originated from, and afterwards she is given over into the planet and becomes one with the world; from there you return to the fight against Vaylin as she takes control of the GEMINI fleet once again after using a prisoner droid to help her re-program the ship AIs. The story dives deeper into Vaylin’s – and the Emperor’s family – history as you journey to the world where she was tortured and tamed before defeating her after gaining support from Zakuul rebels and Arcann if you chose to allow him and his mother to escape during the events of The Fallen Empire.


The final showdown has you face off against the Immortal Emperor himself who has finally come to attempt a takeover of your body; aided by the entire Royal Family of Zakuul you defeat him and ascend the Eternal Throne – from there the story arc concludes and you are once again back to a galaxy where Republic and Empire are preparing for – wait for it – another war (yay…).


The storytelling format is what we have come to expect from Bioware in their Old Republic series. Sadly some companions from other classes never make an appearance, and one is left to wonder what ever happened to the rest of the gang (characters like Ensign Raina Temple from the Agent arc, Elara Dorne from the Trooper arc, and so forth). Instead you were tossed a handful of characters picked by Bioware and from there you forge your Alliance of Republic and Empire soldiers to fight against Arcann and then his sister Vaylin as they rampage across the galaxy to destroy and conquer.


Cinematics-wise the experience isn’t all too impressive. Indeed the same techniques used in the Origin stories for each classes are recycled, and it is the same engine from when the game was first released. Yet do not let that distract you from an otherwise decent story arc about a family feud and their quest for redemption and freedom from their father’s evil grasp. Knights of the Eternal Throne will take you about 3 hours to watch through, or more to playthrough – whether it is worth re-subscribing to play or buying without the subscription is entirely dependent upon what you want out of the experience. The emotional story of a mother trying to save her children from their evil father is well done for an MMO story arc, and it warrants a look at and not just discarded – there are worse games out there.


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