New keyboard with a smaller shift key… The Coffee Break 13 Dec 2016.



New machine, and with that comes new tools to use – with that also comes adjustments to new designs. Yes indeed folks I am talking about the smaller Shift-key which is critical for Capitalizing letters, and the button that took its place (the \ key – weird).


I dare say that yesterday when I was making up my mind to adopt a new machine to the arsenal that I found the new shift-key design a bit distasteful. Sure I appreciate a larger laptop, more space and the works. Yet what I found myself wondering was whether or not the shift key was too small for regular use, or whether or not I had to use my right hand where the shift-key was larger by comparison. Today I am writing this piece from the new machine while the old machine just sits off to my left, and thus far as long as I slow down a bit to adjust to the new machine’s keyboard layout things seem to work fine. Similar to my old machine, spaced-out keys are a common feature on this new Asus laptop, and it seems to be working well in Windows 10 – working well so far that is, fingers crossed.


Keyboard designs seem to have changed in six years since I bought my machine (oh yes folks, six years I have used the same laptop which still runs windows 7), and it just feels different. The shift-key to my left hand isn’t too far off, and it works about as well as one might expect from a machine with this design. Stubborn though I may be when it comes to older models, this new laptop is thus far working out splendidly.


Now is this the reason for a lack of content as of late? Sure, but then there is the holiday season and all the weird traditions that come with it – plus there is also the fact that I am dug in on Battlefield 1 and am pouring hours into it in order to get the fullest experience out of the game. The game is fun, and it will continue to be fun so long as the connection is good and the ammo is plentiful. Anyways I am off for the day, thanks for reading and I shall see you next time.


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