Oh dear lord we have a labour shortage – do something society!!!

Before I continue with this article, the title is sarcastic – no I don’t demand society automatically correct the labour shortage, but I have heard employers complain like this via newspapers and media outlets.


Earlier today (29 Dec 2016) I was reading up on various articles talking about the labour shortage; the usual areas of resource development and trades being cited alongside engineering and medical services being the most hard-hit by this supposed shortage. Now I say supposed because these companies complain and yet they are not willing to take action and hire people and train them on the job in order to develop the work force into what they need. Instead these people complain about how many arts and humanities degrees are floating around out there, while our school system from K to 12 consistently tells students to pursue their dreams.


Right first off this problem comes from both ends, and complaining about the work force that you so compliantly created is not going to solve the problem. Yes I hear you now: “IT’S NOT THE EMPLOYER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO TRAIN AND-” alright buddy I am going to stop you right there and say that it IS the responsibility of the employer who wants a specific set of skills and is unwilling to put in money to attain it.


Best example here, if the army wanted soldiers but wasn’t willing to train them, where will these supposed expert infantrymen come from? Another example, a family raising kids wants them to be successful in life but doesn’t take action to help better them via after school programs and tutoring and helping them with their homework to making sure they are not skipping class – can they say that they want something but not be willing to put in work to attain it? Finally what about the grown adult (best example I think), guy or girl complains about not having the latest cars but is unwilling to actually go out and find work and instead sits at home and smokes weed and eats up welfare – society pokes at these people (parents, welfare recipients) to go out there and do something, so why can’t they apply the same pressure to companies?


Everywhere I look I see: “needs X amount of years experience; entry level,” or “must have at least X amount of years of experience,” right well if you are not willing to hire and train people then you can go under – no one will cry for you except maybe your shareholders, but they can invest elsewhere. See the army does things right; it needs soldiers so it entices them to join with paid college, guaranteed work after schooling, on the job training, and a decent salary with benefits. You as a company that wants a certain quality worker must also be willing to make your own if looking for outside help fails to produce said employee. Did you think the settlers in Colonial America got to complain about a lack of skilled workers? I am pretty sure they just found a willing apprentice and trained them to eventually replace them or work alongside them – good luck sourcing from Europe at a time when sailing across the open seas could lead to death for the travelers due to disease and all sorts of fun stuff that happens in open waters.


Oh and another funny bit to add to this here, in one article it was said that policing was facing a worker shortage in Calgary Alberta. Nonsense folks, utter nonsense; law enforcement facing a shortage of workers? I see no evidence supporting that claim! The Vancouver Police Department in Vancouver, Canada is so selective that when the RCMP takes in 2500 candidates a year they complain that they: “lowered standards.” What kind of garbage propaganda is this? Not enough recruits; buddy you are overflowing with applications and you just are not willing to train and grow new officers! You hire overseas British cops and go out of your way to ignore young men and women who can be the foundation of your police force – you toss away their applications or put them through endless deferments until they give up and look for work elsewhere (got a friend at the university of Ottawa studying law after he was deferred by New Westminster Police – figured that was the case as it has been two years since he applied).


Cops complaining they do not have enough recruits and companies complaining about the same thing: if you are not hiring then say so, if you are so cheap that you are unwilling to train people from the ground up then you can move over because overseas companies are more than happy to earn the money that you are throwing away by not having enough loyal employees to stick around with your company and grow within the organization. Enjoy your beer and weekends; it might be your last.


Right and one final note before we go; if the school system supposedly failed you so badly, then maybe it is time to STOP encouraging kids to pursue their dreams and instead aim towards work force participation – you know the usual: “do your part – join today” concept. Feeding people the same thing for 12 years and then telling them that it was all a lie now deal with it is never a good idea.


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