Poor planning and procrastination.

You guys ever experience friends who contact you last minute and ask if you are available that evening – these same friends who you haven’t seen in a year or two and would like to spend time with them but cannot understand why they are poor at planning and coordination? Well that seems to be the rule rather than the exception these days.


Yet it isn’t entirely their fault for poor planning; sure they have a habit of procrastination and a lack of concentration but society places quite a lot on their shoulders as young adults. Out there in the real world they are expected to work and succeed; success and the lack thereof is constantly shoved on one’s face while humility and being able to appreciate what one has in life is often cast aside in favour of endless consumption and greed. Sure it is nice to have a lot of money – mountains of it – but it is equally important to possess a sense of duty to a country, to remain loyal to one’s family (especially if one is a parent in the family), and to appreciate how fortunate we are to live in a part of the world that has not seen war for nearly 70 years (roughly from the end of the Second World War). Sure America has gone to fight in Korea (alongside Canada), Vietnam, and the Middle East, but the wars are far off in distant lands whereas here at home we are not experiencing things like being shelled every night, firebombing campaigns carried out by hordes of bombers that blacken the sky, or rationing which is the hardest of them all as some people who need more food are seldom given anymore due to government control on the ration quotas.


Yet we are getting off topic here, they are simply just busy and cannot concentrate on planning a get together; perhaps we the ones complaining ought to pitch in and offer up ideas, yet when we are shut out of the decision-making process or have no means of helping then it becomes a gong show.


Try not to get too upset if things do not pan out, after all we have gaming consoles and internet in today’s modern world to busy ourselves if things fail to turn into concrete results. Now if you will excuse me I have to return to Battlefield 1; some poor saps over in the corner need a good bayonet or two before they get the message that the capture point is mine. MINE!


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