Just let it slide…

No I will not just: “let it slide,” what a piece of garbage news done by the local Global TV station.


First off will ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) “let it slide” if our vehicles get damaged on icy roads? No they will not; they might even punish the victims for things like lack of winter tires (in a part of the province where it is not required), or driving at hour X that night when it was dangerous – in short you may use your car if they like you to use it, otherwise if it gets turned into a pile of scrap you get the stick (sorry folks, ICBC does not give out carrots).


Next, ice on roads equals fun? Sure kids like it, but kids do not have to deal with insurance companies or doctor visits if things go south fast; kids live care-free lives because they can, and because they are children.


Dictionary definition of children: “plural for child.” Definition of Child: “a young human being below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority; a son or a daughter; an immature or irresponsible person.”


Nowhere in the definition of child is it written that they have duties to their families and or to society as a whole – they live life carefree. Ice on the roads is dangerous and when it comes to dealing with ICBC here in British Columbia it can be a headache at best, a legal nightmare at worst. Leave the snow and ice to the parks where the only injuries that can occur will be broken egos.


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