What I am looking forward to in the first quarter of 2017.

Hello folks;


A little short on topics to discuss today so I decided to do a small list of things I am interested in for the first half of 2017 – first half because it will be soon, and also because I’m uncertain of what other things might pop up later on that I develop an interest towards keeping track. First off we have For Honor; this medieval combat title by Ubisoft has us play as either knights, samurai, or vikings in a three-way fight that is rumored to be close to the real deal with facing down enemy players (the enemy AI will be similar to the grunts in Titanfall – easy as cake unless your controller’s batteries die, then it’s GG). Usually games that talk about sword play tend to exaggerate, and trailer footage is trailer footage so I am being cautious when going forward. Still for someone such as myself who has an interest in close combat in video games as evidence by my interest in the Gears of War franchise and Battlefield 1 (the game in particular because the other titles tend to be purely shoot-em-ups with no features like bayonet charges and so forth) it will be nice to have my interest indulged some more and this early in the new year.


While I am aware that Gears of War can turn into shoot-em-ups, I tend to play Gears 3 with private matches filled with bots; this way I can bayonet charge enemy units without worrying too much (still need to watch the corners) about an enemy rolling around the corner with a shotgun to roadblock my attempt. Apart from bayonet charges, you have the regular chainsaw bayonet, and the various execution animations for downed enemies with various weapons – not exactly sword play but it is still close combat because you are finishing them with some sort of a melee attack that is a bit flashier than – say – a slash from a knife like in most shooters.


Next we have Mass Effect Andromeda: sure I am a fan of the Mass Effect series, and it is often that I find myself playing the third installment over and over again as I run through the different options available to us in-game but I am skeptical about Andromeda. The game itself is advertised as this massive open-world adventure, and I like open world games; I would like them even more if they were like the Witcher 3 and had a ton of interesting side quests rather than endless landscapes with nothing in between settlements and so forth. Now having an open world to explore is important, but if it is just an open world and has nothing of interest within it then the game – to me anyways – feels like an “open field” walking simulator (I say “open field” because any title can be a walking simulator; just spin up Skyrim and walk – no fighting, no anything, just walking). Now I am aware that the game might not provide us with a hunting mechanic, but it would be nice to have side quests that are interesting and full of depth (ie: it links to another side quest down the line, not extending past three at most to form a mini story) rather than the usual quests experienced in MMOs where you go find ten rats and kill them and return for a gold piece and some silver coins.


Still despite my concern I am optimistic for Mass Effect Andromeda; at the very least I will be watching the cutscenes to get a better idea of what the story entails. Afterwards I will make a decision as to whether or not it is my cup of tea. Finally we have the French DLC for Battlefield 1; the usual four maps plus the French forces are being released along with the pack; being paid DLC I will wait for it to go on sale before getting it, and during that time I will observe to see if the DLC is even worth the money. Right now as it stands I would like to see more campaign story arcs added to the game; sure it might be a throw away campaign, but my bayonet charge fantasies need somewhere to go when multiplayer becomes annoying as sin and I have minor connection issues.


Alright folks that is about it for what I am looking forward to for the first few months of 2017; small list compared most, but then again theses lists are generally arbitrary – hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you next time.


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