Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End story arc.

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Well this game came out last year around May but I somehow managed to miss the story altogether – must have been something that was important, but whatever the case here we are with another story arc review. Now I must admit I am somewhat of a newcomer to the Uncharted series, so I did myself a favour and just dived right into the game movie and watched it till the end and picked up on some key areas along the way.


Now by the 4th game Elena and Nathan are married, but Nathan isn’t all too happy with how life panned out. Being an adventurer of sorts he fondly recalls his explorations into long lost secrets, until one day his long-dead brother shows up alive and well. After giving Nathan a short story about how he owes some drug lord money the two go off on an adventure to find some long lost pirate’s treasure. The game takes us to Scotland before going to Madagascar and some small islands just off the shore of Madagascar where we find ourselves exploring a long lost secret pirate colony and it is there that the rest of the game finishes off. Along the way we are greeted by Sully – an old yet competent man who we have seen with Nathan on his adventures – and Elena who by this time has found out that Nathan had lied to her about a salvage mission and she isn’t too happy with that but decides to stick with her husband for better or for worse (she cites wedding vows as a reason for her looking for Nathan).


The story is the usual twists and turns in the Uncharted series; being somewhat loosely interested, I had dipped into the story arcs from time to time but never really dived into the world like I did other narrative games. Still, I felt a connection to Elena and Nathan as the two worked out their differences in a short span of time familiar to those fans of action films and yet the way the two characters interacted with one another seemed to show off signs of genuine love for one another. Sure they are married and so on, but the work done by the acting staff is well put together, and I can see that the Uncharted series’ fan base is well deserved.


Indeed I enjoyed the trill ride that took us to exotic locations, and moments where the game seemed to want to drop us into a river or a canyon and yet somehow Nathan manages to fish himself out of the mess and continue on unscathed were interesting; though after a while it got a bit stale as the same: “maybe we will drop, maybe we will not” became somewhat predictable. The tale ends with Nathan discovering a lost partner who is now his rival, and his brother’s story being a fake to lure Nathan into helping him find the pirate’s treasure. When the story came to an end we see the lovely couple head off on their own direction while Sam (Nathan’s brother) heads off with Sully to find new adventures of their own. After the main story it is revealed that Nathan and Elena had a daughter, and eventually are forced to tell their daughter about the adventures mom and dad had before she was born (and oh it was awkward indeed).


Now this being the last game in the Nathan Drake arc, was it a proper send off for the Uncharted series? Honestly with the announcement of the next Uncharted game featuring Chloe as the main protagonist it isn’t entirely disappointing that Uncharted ended the way it did. Being an outsider looking in, I think the game’s story was great, and the platforming mechanics and so on seem well put together when compared to other titles that did a lazy job of said mechanics, or borrowed heavily from other titles in order to compensate for their deficiencies. Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End, a fitting end to the Nathan Drake story arc – here’s hoping Uncharted The Lost Legacy proves to be every bit the adventure that many fans have come to expect from an Uncharted game.


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