“OMG this is totally CGI…”

Right well first off tell me of a popular film produced within the last five years that does not have any sort of CGI in it. Sure films like Fury and Mad Max went heavily on practical effects, but even Mad Max had to do CGI for that massive desert sandstorm that took place part way into the film.


This article was sparked by a few friends complaining about how Tarkin in Rogue One A Star Wars Story was: “too CGI” (as if that is even a thing). First off the actor who played Tarkin died in 1994; the film was released in December of 2016 (last year), see the dilemma here? Tarkin as a character was still alive in the timeline, and likewise Leia wasn’t old when Rogue One’s events occurred – sure we are used to seeing an old Carrie Fisher, but Leia was young back during the events of Rogue One up towards episodes 4, 5 and 6.


Now if you are complaining that the characters felt odd, sure Tarkin was a bit too smooth for a human character (thus giving away the bit that he is all CGI), but the work done was enough to fit into the film and portray a living commander rather than some weird ghost hovering about. Right so you people complain about CGI, remember that 300 was all done in a warehouse and on green screen; remember that Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV (15) was ALL CGI – all the famous actors and actresses were voice-acting the film, and any sort of movement was probably done by motion capture technology rather than costumed actors and actresses running around.


Folks, enjoy the film for what it is; without CGI we would not have the wonderful story that was Rogue One. All of this pointless complaining when problems like ridiculous book taxes (Newfoundland province in Canada recently introduced a 10% tax on physical books) and government corruption exist is beyond me. The CGI was used because it was a tool available to producers to make a story happen – it was done well, and was not shoveled into the movie with no thought process: that right there should be enough for us viewers. Okay, some of you might want to be extra picky; don’t watch the film then. Go on avoid the film; better yet avoid ALL Star Wars movies henceforth if you hate CGI so much – saves us seats in the cinema and the popcorn will not be wasted as it sits uneaten in the hands of an angry viewer.


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