Why do people always want something in a game nerfed.

Come on folks, it isn’t hard to wear the gas mask in Battlefield 1 – maybe on PC with all the buttons on the keyboard, but not on consoles and so forth! Even PC players can simplify it via mouse buttons and so on; stop whining about the gas grenades in-game.


Earlier in the week I went on the forums to voice my opposition to those who wish to nerf the gas grenade – either by reducing its power or reducing the amount one soldier can carry. Even Youtubers like Westie are whining about it, and when I watch their gameplay footage I just think of the type of person they are (or assume they are): squealing, spray and prayers who pretend to be skilled and so on but in fact are more used to Call of Duty (and thus force their opinions on the game) than actual Battlefield.


Permit me to just rant here about this; they should learn to play the game. Gas masks are standard issue in Battlefield 1 and are not locked away or require cool down times – you put it on when you see gas, not hard. What I cannot understand is people complaining about well-balanced mechanics like the gas grenades which force the enemy soldiers off the flags and so on and onto engagement plains where they must fight either by melee or hip-firing in order to survive long enough to remove the mask and resume aim-down-sights.


These people are annoying – plain and simple. They complain that the gas grenade is unbalanced, and yet they LOVE to sit back and snipe people with their precision, high power rifles which – by the way – the game had to sacrifice realism just to satisfy. Have you seen the crap scopes they have on those old world war 1 rifles? They are experimental tech that was not even standard issue! They got their way for far too long, and it is time to push back.


Folks if you play Battlefield 1, go on the forums with your EA info (it works, no need to sign up for a special account) and voice your opposition to this crybaby mentality. The game works, and I want to address specifically the gas grenade – the one item that has a hard counter in the form of a gas mask. Make people aware that the gas mask exists for a reason, and that war is chaotic – don’t like it you can always go back to CoD with its ridiculous time to kill numbers. Battlefield 1 might require balancing in some areas, but NOT the gas grenade – it does its job well and you punish them for that?! You people are the reason why games turn into the same pile of trash after months of patching and so on – you are the cause of failed titles with your endless list of complaints and so on. Technical complaints such as the game not loading properly or the screen appearing like a giant static haze are things that need addressing, but the in-game gas grenade works because you have a freaking gas mask available immediately when you start playing. The gas mask is designed specifically to stop the gas; no other grenade can be stopped by the mask so stop whining like 4-year olds who pretend to be: “all-knowing,” and when you don’t get your way you throw a tantrum on the forums.




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One response to “Why do people always want something in a game nerfed.”

  1. Paul-NL says :

    Good post. I do think sometimes things need to be nerfed, on the other hand, I also think it’s just people complaining

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