The price of the roof over your head is…

The price for the roof over my head is not up for sale: the fact that the realtors push sales in this fashion is nonsense. Sure I get it, land is worth something – it has lead nations seeking self-sufficiency to pursue war, it has led neighbors to fight one another, it has even led animals in the wild to kill one another over grazing space and so forth (certain creatures are very territorial). Yet despite all of that a home is a home; if I abandon it this is because it is in a dangerous place, if I sell the home it is because I plan to move elsewhere. What I find strange and frustrating to watch is people selling their homes and then resorting to renting long-term; sure you have a sum of cash in hand, but that amount dries up real fast with rentals and other expenses. Adding to this stress is the fact that today jobs are not secure; even policemen face the chopping block as public and private sectors look to cut costs left, right, and center.


People selling the roof over their heads is nonsense; maybe I am not seeing some sort of benefit here, and maybe I am shortsighted. Yet I feel that a home where you live, where you find peace and sanctuary from the world beyond is not something to be so hastily discarded for the sake of a few thousand dollars. When you are homeless, sure the pile of money can be helpful, but eventually it dries up or it gets stolen (if you are roaming the streets with a cart full of bills, or the bank goes belly up and you have nothing to withdraw) and you are left with nothing. Sure folks who do not earn much may not be able to vacation or see the world, but if they own the home at least they do not have to worry about rent – utilities is another matter entirely but let us stick with the home for this post today.


Irritating that people would throw away a home for cash; next thing you know they will try to sell parts of themselves for cash like what happened in China with a kid selling a kidney to buy an Ipad (I cannot recall the story as it was about five to six years ago, and it was written in simplified Chinese so linking it would mean that you or I would have to translate it – not interested in doing that work). Yes yes I hear you: “come on writer, they’re just making money,” money is important, but we should not have to compromise for it – we should not have to give up home and limb just to earn a quick few dollars. Sure working is no fun, but in case you haven’t noticed even movie stars and singers have to work; they work long hours at times with little to no pay as for every one famous singer/actor, there is at least fifty out there working on small projects and doing temporary jobs to sustain themselves. Work is work no matter what it is, and sometimes we just need to realize that fact and that it is not the only thing in life that brings us happiness – the total sum of things we have in life brings us happiness, and whether or not we value them.



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