Ever notice that people in the future tend to wear boots more often than shoes?

Sure I may be putting out a generalization here, but it seems in almost every Sci-fi setting people wear boots more often than shoes. Starting with Star Wars almost all characters wear boots; all main characters and side characters (along with some civilians visible on camera) wander the galaxy in boots. Sure the military and Jedi characters are expected to wear boots based on the various terrain features they encounter, but it seems boots are the norm in space.


Warhammer 40,000 is also an example; sure it makes sense that the soldiers and Inquisition forces wear boots but even civilians tend to wear boots more so than shoes. Maybe I missed a model or two that wears shoes, but boots make up the majority of footwear in the 41st Millennium. Then we have the show Killjoys where everyone wears boots – the bounty hunters, the workers, everyone.


Come to think of it, Battlestar Galactica features shoes; the female president in the re-make series by Syfy wears high heels – those aren’t very “boots-like” so to speak. Then again the show did not have the camera point at people’s feet for long periods of time during conversations so maybe she is the exception rather than evidence that shoes are mixed in there for good measure.


Maybe I am just being odd with my observations, but it seems that boots are the norm in sci-fi settings because they tend to be the most functional. Perhaps it is because going from alien environment to alien environment requires people to have durable, dependable footwear rather than easy slip-ons that are better suited for urban life and office work. After all we are talking about space, and boots with proper ankle support and are moisture resistant similar to army boots (and possibly with steel toes akin to work boots) tend to fare much better than soft shell shoes that only serve as a quick grab-and-go option (aside from some commercial tactical boots ie: Original Swat being equipped with a side-zip feature, most army/tactical boots are lace up).


Ultimately these are just assumptions and predictions – I just find it interesting that shoes have disappeared in the future. Perhaps someone reading this will find a human figure in 40k wearing shoes, or find a character in Star Wars roaming the deserts of Tatooine with slippers instead of boots – we shall see.


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