Dealing with heavy snowfall…

No I do not find snow utterly intolerable – you arm yourself with an entrenching tool (shovel) and off you go. Sometimes if you get stuck, you reverse out or dig yourself out – the choice is yours. Yet what bothers me the most in this situation is people without patience who cannot understand that driving in snow and during snowfall is different from driving on clean and clear roads.


There was this freak show of a fellow behind us while we were out getting groceries honking it like was clear and no traffic was on the road. Both ways – left and right – were occupied with incoming vehicles; maybe freak show could not figure out what was going on with his/her attention on their smartphone and thinking of just how important they were over the rest of us. Here is hoping freak show ends up in a ditch somewhere – they deserve it.


One just has to drive slowly and carefully in snowy conditions: these are conditions where plows have not yet had the chance to clear the roads, and were the snow keeps falling and falling and never stops. Sure Lower Mainlanders in British Columbia are not used to snowfall as often as Calgary, Alberta or Montreal, Quebec but the fact remains that one can google: “how to drive in snowy conditions” and refresh one’s memory regarding the subject matter. There is no need to listen to the panic news out on the air waves – avoid crowded situations, park further and walk further. Sure your feet may get a bit wet, but in the end you can leave the lot sooner. However if that were not the case, then you will just have to dig in and wait for a safe gap to appear and make your way home.


Soldiers come from ordinary civilians – trained to adapt to any situation and excel in less-than-ideal circumstances (professional troops at any rate (humor intended)). Why is it that people cannot adapt to changing scenarios? One can only guess at the reason why people simply cannot adapt, but let us not be angry at the world for not meeting our expectations – even we the writers have an over-inflated sense of self-worth from time to time despite our attempts at humility. Anyways folks keep that shovel handy, dig deep and remember that cold can always be cured with a hot cup of tea.


Drive slow, and stay safe out there.


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