Am I excited for Halo Wars 2?

The answer to that question in short is yes: in detail, sort of excited but I am skeptical with all the terrible releases of last year that ended up disappointing many of us in the gaming world. Halo Wars 2 is slated to be released later on this month, and I thought it would be appropriate to talk about it for a bit today.


With Halo Wars I both watched all the cutscenes and played the entire game through to the end. Regarding mechanics the game itself runs well for a console real-time strategy (RTS) title. Sure it is not as sharp as Starcraft 2, nor does it have the roleplaying aspect of Dawn of War 2 and her subsequent versions, but Halo Wars was Halo Wars – what it did it did well enough for myself to enjoy it. Storytelling is great, and right from the beginning the cutscenes were second to none thus far experienced in any game for myself up to that point.


Even today the pre-rendered cutscenes still stand out well for me, and I enjoy returning to the universe from time to time to enjoy it once more. Halo Reach was another title, though it was definitely not pre-rendered (and yet it did its job well on what little ammunition it had at the time on the 360).


Yet I worry sometimes; worry that the game will turn out to be less-than-satisfactory. What little intel we have on the game thus far looks promising, but looks can be dangerously deceiving, and I will not be caught off guard and end up buying a title on full release that I end up regretting (like the James Raynor character with Commander Raynor skin in Heroes of the Storm: what was I thinking (humor intended)). Still, from the characters to the very ship they serve on Halo Wars was something truly special for me, and I will look forward to the release date and examining the product some more before I commit to the purchase (I have a soft spot for retro-fitted warships).


28 years has passed since the UNSC Spirit of Fire (CFV-88) was last in contact with UNSC forces. Since that time the UNSC have managed to win the war albeit barely and with little intact; still the ship has re-appeared at a time when the fate of the galaxy is uncertain with Cortana going all Skynet on everyone and rogue Covenant forces rampaging on old Forerunner property. The crew of this mighty vessel must prepare themselves for the fights to come – war never ends, and it is the only truth in life.


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