The reality struck harder than it appeared.

Post-secondary education was touted to be the ticket to a better life, and yet I find myself looking for work after graduating a few years before. Jobs I have had dealt little with the materials I was taught in class, and even though the program was touted as a ticket to law enforcement jobs one cannot get into the field if they are not even hiring to begin with.


Corrections is one field; alongside commercial vehicle inspection it was stated that job openings would increase in the next five to ten years. Yet I find myself today looking at job postings and discovering that this was a flat out lie; there is little to no job openings because our government and society places little emphasis on expanding said organizations – when there is no room to grow the workforce remains at a certain percentage. Next is border services; again an organization that was listed as flexible, a good choice and so on. Yet when I look on the federal job postings site the option to apply for said position does not exist – they are not recruiting either.


Sure recruiters have their annual: “hiring fairs,” and their “career days,” but these seem to be more and more a show and a way to sell propaganda rather than actually hire people. They often refuse to take resumes (as is the case with almost all career fairs nowadays with online applications being marketed towards people who attend) and the candidate is left standing there in an uncomfortable suit wondering if they had just wasted a day and achieved nothing. Sometimes I am tempted to confront the recruiters and say: “if you are not hiring, why bother showing up?” Yeah yeah I hear it now: “first impressions, first impressions!” Well it does not help when they are not the ones who look at your application to begin with.


Recruitment staff work as a team, and they often have different people doing different things. Those that show up seldom are the ones who do the recruiting as they are assigned other tasks within the organization (recruiting as in going through applications and doing the interviews). Instead what we are left with is a corrupt system where connections get you in – now is that any way to build up a balanced workforce? Were the military to start this practice as well, then all hope is lost for good government and recruiting from the common people – only the rich and well-to-do get their chance at bettering themselves, and we working folks are left with menial jobs and low wages.


Some days I feel like I wasted two to three years of my life on the diploma; sure it was a great experience, but now I am sitting on a low wage job that barely pays the bills, and every other place I apply to I get dust bunnies and silence – they are not recruiting. These organizations (policing, corrections, customs, commercial vehicle inspections, bylaw enforcement, and so on) are simply not hiring. The student body has been lied to, and worse still when I asked a professor about the program his response was: “…it is not meant to prepare you for the workforce, but to broaden the mind.” Great I get it, higher thinking – but what about my bills? What about my expenses, the food I eat, the clothes I need to wear and the medical bills I need to cover – my basic human needs? The response the professor gave me was something akin to tripe propaganda, and it was that response that caused me to switch programs and finish off as quickly as possible. They market their services and we end up with the consequences as these services help us develop zero job skills needed to succeed in the workforce – such as waste.


Ultimately I think the truth hit harder than I anticipated; people say: “don’t give up, keep going,” but how long can one keep going if there is no opportunity to begin with? What if World War One dragged on for 80 years, can people hope it will end or do they just keep fighting for the sake of fighting? Right now it feels like I am searching for the sake of searching, but there is no light at the end of the tunnel – only darkness.


“Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.”

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