Ticketing people for no winter tires within city limits…

Sounds odd I know, and other provinces do not do it, but it seems the City of Vancouver wants to look into possible tickets for drivers without winter tires. Background; earlier this week and back into early January/December we had record snowfall in the Lower Mainland. This sort of snowfall is rare, and due to this the region we live in is exempt from the requirement to have winter tires unlike the rest of the Province (though it is primarily for highways – for more information check links below). Citing temperate climate, drivers are not required to have winter tires in the southeastern part of Vancouver Island nor the Lower Mainland – however if you wish to travel outside of the region in a vehicle you will need them.


Now the article from Global News posted to Facebook has had mixed comments with some going hostile and crying out for further action like impounding the cars of those without winter tires to those who say: “no, it is a cash grab – plain and simple,” to those who see it as a problem if families living paycheck to paycheck are slapped with another expense.


While winter tires are troublesome, many all-seasons with the M + S markings and All-weather tires are sufficient for the conditions we currently face and face every winter. Stated earlier, this sort of heavy snowfall is rare in the region, and it is foolish to simply make a blanket requirement for everyone when the situations are different here in the Lower Mainland.


Poor driving habits like people not cleaning snow off their windshields and speeding are the primary concerns on the road. Often winter tire holders like to speed, and behave as though it was summer time (non-winter tire drivers are just as guilty). This sort of behaviour is not rare but not too common either – it exists, but it doesn’t affect a major portion of people’s lives per se. Footage shown on the news generally are specific cases, and this is an incident of public panic getting the better of everyone when we need to look at it and realize that the City of Vancouver had mishandled their budget and did not factor in spending for winter storms.


The City of Vancouver often left streets un-plowed, and now they are looking to turn attention away from them and towards drivers. A combination of driving technique and adjusting to changing conditions is key, but I think this is a further indicator that people are simply living stressed lives where they are always in a rush so much so to the point that they fail to realize that cars are tools not toys.


Ultimately the City is just looking at it – honestly it might not even come to pass, and rushing in regulations and so forth generally leads to them losing office or facing severe public backlash. The link to the story will be located below.

About Winter Tires – Provincial Government of British Columbia.

City of Vancouver could look at ticketing drivers without winter tires – Global News.
City of Vancouver could look at ticketing drivers without winter tires


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