“…Employers don’t like complainers…”

What, they want people to accept working for minimum wage – they like to see working folks beg for scraps? This is almost like the scene from Django Unchained where the slave owner looks to the man on his knees and says: “I like the way you beg, boy.”

This is the attitude that exists in today’s working world. When I read so-called: “tips and tricks” for interviews I see the same old pile of rocking horse feces: “complain less, be upbeat, be enthusiastic.” Ever see the memes regarding being passionate about frozen yogurt? Come on employers be realistic – they work they get paid, and you get profit in your business. Happy, no? Well according to this it is wrong – you have to be passionate about low-wage work that guarantees no hours and turns you into a beggar: “it’s how things work, yo.”


Sure I get it, the interview is where you are supposed to shine, but when the deck is stacked against us regular folks why should we just sit there and take it? Everyone knows about so-called “connections,” and the well-connected often get the good-paying positions while we are stuck with begging for a few hours a week of part-time work with no benefits, no stable salary, or even paid sick days (forget vacation time, that’s a dream similar being a king – when you wake up it is gone).


Right, so they do not like complainers; well pay better then! How easy is that, make your employees happy and stable and they will put out like enthusiastic troopers on the western front. Yet their bottom line worries them, and it is in this atmosphere that the workers are beginning to demand a living wage from even minimum wage work as they are relying more and more on it. Recently I read an old article from the New York Times (2014 was the publish date) and it talked about how the most gains for jobs during the recession were in the low-wage jobs, and really high up at the top of the ladder. Now the top of the ladder is out of reach for most of us because we neither have the connections nor the 200,000.00 wedding gifts necessary to climb – the education we got has taken us nowhere, and we are fed the same crap everyday: “return to school, study this, study that.” Newsflash folks, if it doesn’t lead us anywhere, why waste 40,000.00 on a piece of paper? Why feed the education sector when we benefit little from it?


Profits are for the wolves, the Sheepdogs are few and far between for they are dying off and we lack the numbers to replace them. The sheep are left vulnerable to the wolves, and the world rotates on. People will complain because they have a reason to complain, not because they have a poor attitude. Were things perfect then perhaps your idea of zero complaints about work will have some ground to stand on – complaining about a well-paying job with benefits is just plain greedy, but complaining about a job that is minimum wage and offers no real future is an actual grievance.

Enjoy your gold bricks – I’m sure if you attempted to swallow it whole you will not choke on it.


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