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For Honor recently came out, and of course I watched all the cutscenes for the entire campaign and it was alright. Sounds lackluster right? Well worry not my fine readers, I shall walk you through the story and give you my thoughts on it afterwards.


The story goes through all three factions present in-game: first the Knights, then the Vikings, and last the Samurai as they begin to war against one another thanks to a warmongering warlord who manages to play all three factions against one another that turns into a war that lasts seven years (we find out at the end how long the war lasted from those trying to make peace – the game takes place before the war just as events are unfolding).


Now the typical identities of each faction exist: Knights are very chivalric and heavy-hitting, the Vikings are very savage and brutish, and the Samurai are very swift, direct and merciless. The characters you play as behave just as you would expect out of a character of each faction, and it would seem that only some of the classes are playable in the campaign (storytelling I suppose). However one thing to note before moving onto combat is the sound design; something about plate armour crunching and so forth feels right to me as the viewer, and it is with this that I can safely say that For Honor nails the sound design relatively well when compared to other games featuring plate armour that end up making it sound like jingling keys (or a bag of nails). Perhaps it is the romantic notion I possess of heavy plate armour and the crunching sound it makes whenever a soldier moves, but who is to say I cannot indulge my senses when tackling a game?


Now I cannot speak for combat as I have not played the game, but it seems that the fighting is very heavy, and yet refined in a way that it feels a lot better than Witcher 3 and, in some ways, even more advanced than the Witcher 3 game. That being said, this game did advertise itself as a sort of: “combat simulator” per se so it is not surprising to see the centerpiece of their title actually shine and stand tall. Yet we digress from the story discussion; back to the campaign.


The Knights campaign starts off with you being recruited into the Blackstone Legion (Knights are divided into Legions), and you bring “order” to your lands before going north to wage war against the Vikings. Far up north you soon realize that your warlord (a crazed lady in rusty plate armour) plans on leaving just enough food for the Vikings so that they will start fighting among themselves to survive. The campaign then switches to the Vikings and you are tasked with uniting the clans and killing the “wolves” among you. After that task is complete you then build ships and sail east to raid the Samurai lands.


Once you land in the Samurai lands, it is shown that the crazed warlord in rusted armour is also there to upset the balance of power as once the Emperor is dead the Vikings pillage while the warlord captures and releases the various feudal lords of the Samurai to war with one another for power in the lands. The campaign finally switches to the Samurai and it is there that you unite the Samurai clans and travel to fight the knights. Finding out that some Knights have left the warlord to forge a new order and have left the path to the Blackstone fortress unguarded you assault the fort and kill the warlord, but not before she reveals her master plan and all three factions go to war (again, apparently).


The story is not anything impressive, nor will it wow audiences with its unique storytelling mechanics or whatever you can dream of that might be seen as innovative. However the story is far from terrible, and while it does not warrant a replay per se, it is still fun to go through it once to at least get a feel of the universe that has been created so we can indulge our fantasies and fight either as a Knight, a Samurai, or a Viking – never ending war and the subsequent quest for glory and honour.


Feel free to check out the story arc in the link below; it’s a decent story for what it is worth, but do not expect it to be a groundbreaking story like Mass Effect or Witcher 3 – enjoy it for what it is and nothing more. Thanks for reading everyone.

For Honor Game movie.



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