The proliferation of on-call positions.

Everywhere I look, there are few jobs with guaranteed hours and tons of: “must be willing to work on-call,” or “no guarantee of hours – candidates are chosen based on willingness to work on short notice/ same day.” Sure I get it these organizations are looking to save money; they see hiring more help as expensive, so they would rather hire/fire like it was going out of style than actually retain useful workers.


On-call work does not pay the mortgage, nor does it help feed the family when they depend on fixed income. These companies like to see people suffer, do they not? They like to see people beg for scraps – it gives them a sense of pride in a world where going out of business is a real threat to their organization.


Newsflash company: sooner or later people will stop applying for your positions, then it will be time for your useful workers that you retained to retire. What, are you going to bind them in a contract threatening not to pay pensions even though the workers are 65 + all because you want to continue this cycle of on-call work jerking around good folks trying to make a living? Yeah good luck with that.

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