Halo Wars 2 Story arc (Spoilers).

Halo Wars 2 was a bit of a disappointment on my end; I had expected more CGI cutscenes just like the previous title which did a wonderful job of combining in-game cutscenes with CGI ones to tell the story. Instead what we have is a few key moments where CGI is employed, with the rest being entirely in-game cutscenes where you are looking down at the units similar to during gameplay. Yet you came here for the story so I intend to deliver on this front.


Twenty eight years have passed since anyone has heard word from the crew of the Spirit of Fire, and when the ship is finally awoken they find themselves over the Ark (though they do not know that due to being asleep in cryo for twenty eight years). Serena (the ship’s AI) is long gone as she has followed through with the UNSC protocol concerning expired AIs, and she has left Cutter with a fully repaired ship, and a message detailing what had happened.


Unsure of what the ship had stumbled upon, the Spirit of Fire dispatches their spartan team to investigate. Upon arrival they find a logistics AI and a horde of non-Covenant aliens who seem to be a mix of pirates, mercenaries, and a clan of Brutes that were used as expendable muscle by the Covenant. Afterwards the Spirit of Fire engage in operations against the Banished (the alien faction) of which they wrestle for control of the Ark. After successful missions against the Banished, they manage to prevent the Banished from getting their hands on the newly forged Ring world, which would have been a happy ending were it not for the professor being stuck on the ring as it went into slipspace. With the professor gone, Captain Cutter (Commander of the Spirit of Fire) is left to fight the Banished that remain on the Ark and wait until the professor returns with help from Earth.


The final cutscene features the professor discovering a Guardian, hinting their possible involvement in Halo 6 (or Halo Wars 3). Right well the story itself was okay; I say okay because it did not excite me as much as Halo Wars 1 did back when it game out on the Xbox 360. Halo Wars 2 delivers a story of discovery and asset denial – character development doesn’t occur much except for the AI, and our wise-cracking Sergeant Forge is long gone so we lack any sort of sarcasm. Cutter himself is still: “Mr. In Charge,” and the professor is – well – the professor. The Brute leader of the Banished (I have lost interest to look up his name at this point so you can google it on your own – this is how little I care about this game) is the typical: “MUSCLES! SMASH EVERYTHING – ANGRY AT GALAXY” Brute leader, and of course the colour of the energy blades on his Hammer is red – along with almost everything else in his army (vehicles painted black and red – you get the idea).


Halo Wars 2; if you are absolutely dying for an RTS due to the drought in the genre, go for it – I think I will stick to other titles I have collected over time. Time is precious in life, and I am not about to waste it on a game I feel little interest for, nor spend money on the title that I know I will play a little bit of and then abandon.

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