Forcing people to do something isn’t a good idea…

Earlier today I read the comments section of a post and I probably should have known better, but it was discussing organ donation and how the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is now making it easier to register at their offices should you choose that route. Now the problem wasn’t with the article or ICBC’s decision, it was the commenters who felt it would be a better idea to copy France’s law and force everyone to register, and if people wanted out they would have to opt out.


Firstly it does not seem like the case where French police will go door to door and drag people into massive cage trucks to be transported to a processing center, rather it simply registers every citizen in the country and from there people who opt out can remove themselves from the list. This raises some serious questions about the morality of the commenters; some of whom might have relatives sitting around waiting for such a service. Emotion-based responses are never a good thing, and forcing others to do what some might want to do is not a good idea either.


Last I checked a free society is a society where choice exists more so than mandatory duties. Voting is even optional for citizens, and while there were times in the past where I thought forcing people to vote was a good idea I have come to realize that if they decide not to vote it could be for a series of reasons ranging from protest to outright disgust of the system. Forcing people to register is not the answer, but giving them an easier way to register is, and it can help increase the amount of donors willing to give up a piece of themselves so that others may live.


Still, it is to be expected with comments online – emotion drives the responses not analysis of the details. Though there are those who do analyze and study the materials, they seem to be drowned out by crying adult-children who are preoccupied with themselves and not the bigger picture.

Article (Global News).
You can now register to be an organ donor at all ICBC offices


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