The issue with not wanting to train workers…

Companies seem to be unwilling to train and retain in today’s job market. Quite often I find job postings that ask for X-number of years’ experience with additional education required that is to be paid by the candidate prior to joining up so to speak. Now this wouldn’t be a problem if it were a first aid course or something that can be done in a single day, but when companies are not willing to train grunts from the ground up and instead expect them to sign on already armed with the diploma or whatever equivalent education is required is sheer nonsense.


Sure I get it, post-secondary is important; yet we tend to forget those who either never got the chance to go or could not afford to because more debt is never the answer. Gambling like that with money one does not have usually ended with the person homeless in ancient times, or worse, having to give up their daughters to become sex trade workers because the people they are indebted to are criminals playing around with spare cash.


Entry level should be just entry level – none of this: “must have X-number of years experience in position A, C, or D. Must also have completed training or is certified in subject X.” Come on you rich fat pigs, hire the right person and train them; increase pay here and there to acceptable numbers to retain – company will flourish. Refuse to do so, and watch the closure sign hang over your office door in the next year or two – enjoy it.


This problem is likely to continue here in Canada; more people arriving daily, not enough work, and jobs disappearing due to either out-sourcing or automation. The government may soon have to consider a guaranteed basic income if the people are unable to find work because it simply is not there; this isn’t a far off idea, and political leaders who cannot adjust to changing conditions may soon find themselves in the unemployment center doing the exact same thing the people had to do because their opponents would have taken their seats as they promised (and especially if they delivered – unlikely) what the people need.


Could you imagine if the military did this sort of practice? “To be an Infantry soldier one must have completed Basic Military Qualification, Soldier Qualification, Basic Infantry Qualification, and Developmental Phase 1. Must have two years’ experience with demolition experience.” Sure the army never would because there is no school outside of the military that offers such a program, but if that sounds odd to you then why does an entry level position demanding X-number of years’ experience and all sorts of schooling (with a low low wage I might add) sound normal? Utter nonsense, all of it – this practice cannot last.

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