Amnesia, Link’s adventures. Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild story arc.

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild – beautiful graphically, and the story arc is what you would expect out of a Zelda game. Once again Hyrule is in peril and only Link can save the day with his awesome power of being the protagonist. Summarizing the backstory Hyrule was about to fight off Calamity Ganon and managed to secure some ancient war machines and heroes when Calamity Ganon strikes and ruins everyone’s day. The King dies, those machines they dug out of the ground (similar concept to Horizon Zero Dawn in that they were discovered rather than built) turn on them, and Zelda goes into hiding while a severely injured Link is taken to some healing shrine to soak in a bathtub for however long it takes until he is healed and ready to fight Ganon once more.

Now when Link wakes it has been one hundred years since the events took place. Since then the world has retreated from Hyrule and the surrounding lands are haunted by the war machines that each hero piloted – the other machines that swarm around Hyrule castle are still there and will vaporize anyone who enters the area: Hyrule kingdom is effectively destroyed.


Skip to 2:10 to watch Link get vaporized.

Link goes on his path to recover his memories, free the giant war machines one by one (of which there are four of them) and finally fight Ganon and rescue the princess from the evil grips of Ganon. After freeing the spirits of each of the four heroes and rescuing the princess (also destroying Calamity Ganon) you head off into the world with the princess and your recovered memories in search of a new adventure wherever that may be in the future (and possibly to re-build Hyrule). That pretty much sums up the entire story of Breath of the Wild in a nutshell; standard: “embark on quest to save Hyrule and the princess” story arc that Zelda followers have known for decades. The immediate difference between this Legend of Zelda and the others is the open world environments, and man are they beautiful. Everything may be in a cartoon-style animation format and thus not be as ultra-realistic as Horizon Zero Dawn or Witcher 3 but it still holds it own in terms of the draw to explore and see everything that exists within this game.

Now there are some areas that did not sit right with me; I watched the cut down version of the game movie particularly because not all of the game is voice-acted. The space in between cutscenes are stuffed full of dialogue that is just text and mumbling (or grunting sounds) and has barely any affect on the viewer if they were to skip the in-game stuff and just watch the cutscenes alone. One can still gather what is going on in the story without watching all four hours of the game movie but I will include it in the links below in case you wanted to watch everything.


Nintendo definitely launched with a strong title, and here’s to a new Legend of Zelda game that may not fit into the timeline according to some sources, but gives us an experience that we are not soon to forget.

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Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild all cutscenes movie:

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Game movie (full four hours):


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