I’m not really bothered by the changes to Battlefield 1.

Remember my post a while ago regarding the gas grenades and people complaining – remember how I recommended they take to practicing dawning gas masks instead of complaining? Well I have said my bit on the forums, and DICE have decided to change the grenades of all types for the sake of grenade spam. Initial thought: “oh great, they bowed to the whiners.” Yet after reading through the bits of information available and seeing that they also modified other grenades like the smoke grenade from 2 to 1 on the soldier at any given time, and that the damage cloud time has been reduced by three seconds from 25 to 22 (roughly) I sit here feeling neither frustration nor happiness. After all I still have my other tools that the Scout class comes with, and the bolt-action rifle isn’t going anywhere (and neither is the bayonet) so I can live with these small adjustments.

Then there is also the addition of the Trench Raider class with the They Shall Not Pass DLC arriving shortly – melee-focused combat akin to what the First World War enjoyed all those years ago. Sure I lost a bit on the gas grenades, but we still have bayonet charges, awesome finishing animations for melee weapons, and now we have a melee-focused elite class to play around with: okay so I cannot gas you and then shoot you, so I will shoot and hack away at you – sounds much more gentlemen-like yes?


Ultimately I think at this point in time I am a bit too focused on other things in life to be angry and annoyed over a gas grenade in a video game that is marketed towards a general audience; there’s always Verdun and ARMA if I wanted something more hardcore, and I still can use blades, shovels and clubs in Battlefield 1 (and even more melee toys now) so I say it was a fair trade – I give up a stupid little gas grenade for a trench club and some melee fun, it’s like falling in love with Gears of War 3 all over again.


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