Sometimes I take games too seriously.

Sure many of us like to add a level of realism to a game to enhance the experience, yet I often find that I get frustrated when things do not follow reality in video games. Take Red Faction Guerrilla for example: when you fight an overwhelming force with limited resources you generally do not engage them directly, nor do you make your actions overt so to speak. However in-game you are free to just drive up to a search party and open fire on them – throw a few charges at them and detonate them to watch the sparks fly.


Then there are games like Battlefield 1 where yes I myself am guilty of wanting nothing but Bolt-action rifle gameplay; I often only use a bolt-action rifle as it adds to the historical experience but also feels a a bit more challenging and different than the SMG fiasco that we see day in and day out in most shooters. Even the gas grenade had me frustrated and angry when people were complaining about it as being overpowered: my argument still stands as they should learn to move around and re-engage, but I guess the point that is to be taken from all of this is the game is first and foremost a game – games are meant to be fun, not realistic.


Paraphrasing from a Youtube video I saw a while ago, games get warfare “wrong” (aspects here and there – just bear with me here folks) because in reality warfare is one of two things: extremely terrifying or extremely boring. Were a game to be utterly realistic, first off the player would be fighting his character’s urge to hide, take cover, and so on. Second he would spend a good chunk of the game patrolling and guarding with little opportunities to actually fire his or her weapon – opening fire would be a direct disobedience of a standing order and could land you in a detention cell for the remainder of the game as per military justice codes (negligent discharge of a personal weapon is a punishable offense).


While realistic games like ARMA and so forth can be entertaining, we need to remember that games give a false impression of reality, and that the games themselves are simply meant to be entertainment. Sure one can learn a bit of history from some titles, basic tactics and what not, but the end goal of a game is to entertain – something reality, specifically warfare, cannot accomplish.


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