They never understand.

Older folks tend to discuss young people as though they were aliens from Mars. Whether it is on the radio, television, or in online posts we have people describing young folks as A and B when the economy and the job market is forcing us to remain stagnate in our environments. People tend to view things from their perspective alone without examining things from the other person’s point of view, and like in war this can have costly results.


Imagine if when fighting a war you fail to understand the enemy’s capabilities: you under or over-estimate their abilities and you end up losing thousands of men and hundreds of vehicles as a result (not to mention weapons, food and so on that falls into enemy hands). This is the scenario we are faced as young Canadians when the older generation says things like: “why haven’t you moved out yet,” or “back in my day X, Y and Z were harder than today – get used to it!” Right, okay telling people to start getting used to poor economic opportunities and so forth is like telling those who suffered through the Great Depression that their lives were better than the Romans, and that the soup lines and jobless rates are nothing to worry about – great message (sarcasm).


Now this isn’t to paint all as unable to see things from the other person’s perspective – quite a lot of the “silent majority” tend to understand and we see them support young workers as best as they can. Hell were it the case that every older Canadian did this we would have a sudden spike in homeless Canadians, high drug use, and there would be a great risk of uprisings and riots in every province and territory – I doubt young people are stupid enough to be homeless employed (especially in minimum wage jobs with no chance of change or progress) without putting up a fight.


Even after you present them with the information regarding lack of affordable housing, a lack of well-paying jobs to start families or that many young Canadians start off with a high amount of debt as their education costed so much and yet gained them so little, even after all of that you will always get this answer: “I am older, I am smarter than you – shut up.” Ultimately they will never understand, and when we achieve stability and success we might repeat the same sins as our ancestors did and comment on the next generation the same way that we are spoken towards – cooperation and analysis are far off from reality, and are a pipe dream at best.

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