Silence and Backtalk.

Right so people complain that younger folks talk to much – did they ever pay attention in school back when they were kids? Sure actions speak louder than words, but in school we were taught, as children, that we must use words over force if we are to have a meaningful impact on the world around us. Sure it matters in a stand up fight when someone is attempting to try and take your life that you must fight back, but when it comes to ideas punching someone who holds a different opinion is far less effective than replying to their argument with a counter-argument per se.


No the reason why folks complain is because there are genuine grievances that need to be addressed. Issues that matter to us must be addressed, and it was in school that students were taught to address issues that matter to them. Funny how older folks repeatedly comment on the younger generations when they fail to realize that it is the school system that has taught them to stand and fight; not the same as return fire or punches, but to stand for values they believe in. Now are all of these values meaningful? Perhaps. Yet they are attacking the end product and not the source – the source to which produces these folks is left untouched by some miracle.


Many of the skills and behaviours are learned, and it is in this environment that the younger generation learns to fight – learns to argue. Backtalk you call it? Okay, then questioning the Liberal/Conservative laws is backtalk, dodging the draft is also backtalk – refusing to accept your parent’s wishes of arranged marriages and the traditional lifestyles that you so happily boast about is also backtalk. Even questioning the raising of certain taxes is: “backtalk.”


Sometimes I feel they throw the word: “backtalk” out there as a way of saying: “silence – authoritarianism works and will always work because we say so.” Ever notice in the olden days that backtalk was followed with a slap to the face regardless if it was a man or a woman? Yes indeed folks, backtalk is what we call today: “suppression.” Suppressing the other person’s opinions until they have no courage left to voice it – backtalk.


The older folks are doing what old folks have done for centuries – they complain about the new because there is a lack of understanding. This is nothing new – ask your parents about their experiences the next time you visit them; their experiences could feel similar if not dangerously close to ours.


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