Slow week(s) and little action.

Hello readers!


Sorry about the lack of content this past week or two; there just hasn’t been anything of interest as of late. Many of you will have noticed that I now cover the story arcs (roughly) of new releases, and at the moment there has been a slow down in releases as we step into the second quarter of 2017 (from what I experienced anyways). However I noticed there were a couple of titles that came out that I never got around to covering – namely Ghost Recon Wildlands.


Well I can say that I did watch the game movie including the two different endings, and while it was alright it felt like a generic military shooter story of: “us good guys go in and mess up bad guys – lots of guns (or Dakka, if you’re an Ork player (40k reference))!” The voice acting was alright and the cutscenes were about what you would expect out of a Tom Clancy story. Yet I cannot help but feel as though I need to cover it at least for the sake of the record – after all I do like to review story arcs more than anything, so maybe that will be something I will work on in the near future.


Now I had a couple of articles in the works this past week, but as time went on I felt it did not reflect my views on certain subject matters so I either left them in a draft state or deleted them. Sometimes this happens where I just lack new ideas to talk about as the week progresses, and so I just do not publish until I am satisfied with the end result.


Hopefully in the coming week I can resolve this drought and get some publishing done – I’m certain you are all itching to read something fresh. Thanks for supporting this blog folks, and I shall see you next time.


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