Disable Restricted Mode on Youtube for the love of the creators.

Recent media backlash against advertisers can be seen as the mainstream media attempting to demonize Youtube so that they can get some ad revenue back on their websites – we call this hostile action. One of the Youtubers mentioned that in Restricted Mode all of his Witcher 3 videos are blocked/missing from the channel and that they cannot be viewed – they are not deleted, but if anyone is on Restricted Mode then they cannot view the content.


Therefore this is a reminder to you lovely readers to ensure that you allow ads on Youtube, and that you have Restricted Mode disabled so that we can continue to get gaming content from Youtube – I am sick of mainstream media demonizing Youtube for the sake of business gains. Usual practices you say? Okay, then we need to develop a strategy going forward to address this issue: be it a boycott or adblock every time you read a Wall Street Journal or Daily Mail article – let them know how it feels to have a loss in revenue.


Youtube is an important site for many of us, and it would be a shame to see full time content creators leave for work elsewhere because of this reality – shame the newspapers that do this sort of work and make them feel the pain.


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