Star Wars: Jedha

Ever wonder what it would be like to explore some of the planets featured in Rogue One open-world style? Well that is something I wanted to talk about today – specifically I will be talking about Jedha so for you Scarif fans out there this might not be your read for the day.


Jedha, like Korriban, is one of those planets bristling with ancient ruins and history just waiting to be explored. Korriban was featured in The Old Republic game, but Jedha was recently introduced into the Star Wars universe and it is just begging to be explored. Now will the creators name Jedha as just Tython but the name and climate changed after 2500 years? Maybe, there is always a possibility of that occurring just like how Korriban is now Moraband. Still, I want to explore Jedha even if it is a sectioned off area like in TOR, but I want to be able to dive deep into the ruins and walk the streets of Jedha City to see what the world is like – dive right into the culture of the planet and really explore it inside and out.


There is a certain appeal with ancient planets; like exploring old Roman ruins these planets have a history that might be lost forever if it is not preserved and archived. Now certainly we as gamers playing our characters are not archiving anything, but to be able to explore it even in a past setting before the events of the films and what not is still an experience to endure – leaves us with a better understanding of the history of the universe.


Perhaps one day Jedha will be featured in an open-world game – I don’t care if it’s just four planets so long as these planets are in-depth and full of stuff to find. Looking at how successful World of Warcraft is with the many mysteries Azeroth, Outland, and Draenor has to offer this is something that could make a company millions and – more importantly – make us gamers happy.


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