I doubt I could do Youtube full time.

While I was playing the Witcher 3 on Wednesday the 12th of April a thought popped into my head that was spawned by a video done by a Youtuber I keep track of – I could never do Youtube with a passion. Now at first glance video editing may seem easy and to some it is, but just how many screenshots and clips need to be sifted through before the final cut is done is exhausting to say the least. The Youtuber who does this work full time describes his experience as sometimes nothing but editing videos, eating, and sleeping.


Now many of us may see this as: “not real work,” but have you ever just sat there editing countless hours of gameplay and while playing always recording, taking screenshots and then having to repeat that same quest but with different responses to the dialogue? This sort of stuff is time-consuming, and you really have to like doing Youtube work in order to make it a success. Lately with ad revenues dropping for some channels this sort of work is starting to seem less and less worthwhile when compared to a “conventional” job per se.


Sometime in the past I attempted to livestream, and even without a mic and camera it is possible largely because the viewer isn’t watching you but your gameplay; minus the editing part of the work and all you are left with is just playing the game and hoping your hardware or software does not crash. Video editing is tedious, and it can eventually sap the life out of you and cause you to just give up on the project – hence the title of this article.


There is no doubt in my mind that if I had to edit videos to make a living I would do it, but given the situation of low pay and long hours I think I would rather stick with what I have while pursuing other projects – video editing is boring to me, whereas to the Youtuber it is something they want to do and like to do. Truly they are a different breed; just the amount of repetition they can endure and still make deadlines to attract viewers is not something to overlook.


Support your Youtubers by disabling your adblock while on Youtube; make it so that they can actually make a living off of it. Patreon also helps if a channel has one, but otherwise just disabling adblock and letting it run in the background while you do something else until the ad finishes and you can watch the video is enough – they will continue to make content, and you will continue to live happy and use their videos to enhance and focus your gaming experience.


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