The Last Jedi Teaser!

Right well I recall what I said about Force Awakens not having the same magic as Rogue One but the teaser trailer for the Last Jedi was well put together and has my excited for what is to come in December. Jumping right into it basically it teases some Jedi training, followed by some planetside snowspeeder-like scenes (it’s a desert world this time), followed by a climactic battle in space against the First Order (because it isn’t Star Wars without a full on conventional war). The usual cast returns, and it seems – seems – that they want to ramp up the action tenfold rather than the slow burn of Force Awakens.


While it is tempting to give into the hype and excitement, keep in mind that generally a teaser trailer is as advertised; to tease a product so that the customers get excited. Now were it the case that they were unable to get the crowd excited over the film then the marketing team would have failed to do their jobs properly and will probably be sent to the Spice Mines of Kessel. The fact remains that the trailer is just a trailer, and until we get a better idea of what the final product is later on in December we will just have to sit patiently and wait – giving into hype can only lead to disappointment.


That said I will fuel your addiction with the trailer linked below; enjoy!



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