New Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels trailer.

Seems we have yet another trailer from our favourite galaxy far far away – let’s dive right into it. The trailer starts off with some scenes from season 3, and then it shows what appears to be the rebels moving to Yavin, Agent Kallus growing out his hair, and the Mandalorians going to war on their homeworld with – what appears to be – the unification of all the clans against the Empire. There’s bit of Thrawn in there, and I think Hera and Kanan will have a bit of a romance arc in season 4.


Great so I really enjoyed season 2 and 3 of Star Wars Rebels – great show, and while it lacked the never-ending fighting of the Clone Wars series it did its job well in portraying the struggle of the rebellion during the early years of the movement. Now of course season 4’s trailer did feature our favourite extremist guerrilla Saw Gerrera and he seems to have some grey hair now; an indicator, perhaps, of his character inching closer to the Rogue One setting where he is missing limbs which were replaced by mechanical parts, and where he is no longer the fighting-fit leader he once was, and has relegated himself to a command structure with his trusted lieutenants taking charge in the field.


Now I am a horrible, horrible dealer of “dangerous goods” so I will once again feed your addiction – trailer’s located below (humor and sarcasm intended). Take care folks, have a good Easter and we shall see you next time.



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