Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer.

Right well here we are with yet another Star Wars-related item; Battlefront 2’s new trailer looks great and while I am going to hold back from jumping on the hype train I am impressed with the effort put into this installment. Diving right into the deep sea we are shown a campaign which seems to indicate that we will be playing an Empire character – a welcome change from constantly playing as the Rebel Alliance (though in the original Battlefront games you could choose who to play as; the PSP Renegade Squadron was the exception).


Contained within the trailer we are shown members of the special forces of the Empire as they first engage the rebels on Endor, witness the destruction of the second Death Star and afterwards the war effort that spans the 30 year gap between the Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Glorious it will be to finally be part of the Imperial war machine, and the graphics this time around will add to the immersion factor. Yet words cannot describe how amazing the trailer was; it even featured Jakku in the final bits before it cut to the title and if it is true then we will finally get the narrated battle of Jakku that many of us have been wanting for so long – to experience actually fighting in the battle, even if scripted, will beat the multiplayer DLC map that was given to us in the first installment by ten thousand country-miles.


Now being the excellent dealer of “dangerous goods” that I am, I will spoil you yet again with more dru- I mean trailers. Enjoy!


P.S. It would appear that we are also getting some Clone Wars action in multiplayer – 501st anyone?


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