The magic of Bad Company 2 Vietnam on Xbox One…

Right so after thinking for a while on this, I ended up picking up Bad Company 2 and the Vietnam expansion for Xbox One; right up until this point my experience with Bad Company 2 has mostly been on the PC platform. After waiting anxiously for the game and the DLC to finish (and somewhat feeling nervous from all the forum posts) I was greeted with a different menu and layout. Orientation wasn’t difficult, and soon I was in a match with 5 other players (6 total) on a Vietnam map shooting my way to victory.


Suffice it to say the opening moments of the game were great, and the console version – though similar in name – is a totally different game altogether. The streamlined menu and a lack of a server browser are two noticeable items, and the controls do take some getting used to while playing.


Somehow despite the fact that I paid more for the game on Xbox than I did for the PC version, I am not disappointed with my decision. You folks ever get the feeling when you buy something that you probably should have waited for it to go on sale? Well that feeling is there though somewhat diluted – I looked at the final price tag with tax in total and initially was thinking to myself: “well, I should have waited for it to go on sale – good job!” Then I think about ‘why’ I purchased the game: the PC scene for Vietnam is slow on the weekdays, and with a renewed interest in Bad Company 2 on Xbox with the game being backwards compatible I thought I might give the game a shot and squeeze out more multiplayer fun.


Later on as time passes I will have a better measurement of success and whether or not the price tag was worth it – you can check out Bad Company 2 on Xbox One through the marketplace store and purchase it should you lack a copy. Thanks for reading folks and I shall see you next time.


P.S. Let’s be honest, I wanted to play Vietnam on Xbox – the vanilla Bad Company might get some attention from time to time but it’s good old ‘Nam for me.


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