Battlefield Bad Company 2 Xbox One vs PC comparison/review

Alright folks time to compare and review the Xbox One version of Bad Company 2 to the PC version – figured after a good weekend of gaming done on the Xbox on parallel with the PC it would be best to deliver the results before the “meat” became spoiled so to speak.

Right first off both the Xbox and PC versions have healthy communities after all these years – the game always puts me in a match regardless of PC or console and I can always get a good match or two in before I leave due to boredom. However there are differences in the two communities: for starters the Xbox One/360 community is significantly smaller than the PC community. While playing on the Xbox One the largest match I ever joined was an 9v9 whereas for PC the vanilla Bad Company 2 servers tend to have near to full house of about 24 to 32 players depending on which server and time of day. Now for Bad Company 2 Vietnam the population is even smaller with Xbox putting me in matches of 3v3, whereas the largest I managed to join on PC was 14 players so 7v7 – I even had an 8v8 match or two before some players decided to leave to play something else.

The player count drops even further with Vietnam as players on PC far outnumber players on Xbox with PC matches going as high as 15/32 on large maps whereas on Xbox the largest I have experienced is 6v6 (and this is a consistent number as these are the most frequent numbers encountered). Sometimes both console and PC you can experience empty servers where there is just no one playing at that specific hour – vanilla Bad Company there is always people playing whereas Vietnam there are moments of utter silence.

Now I did drop more currency for the Xbox version than the PC version as I purchased it outside of a sale but despite my diluted sense of disappointment in my lack of restraint the Xbox Bad Company 2 turned out alright. With the game being almost ten years old Bad Company 2 should work on most modern systems (computers) with even my old machine using a 512mb video card able to run the game on medium/low settings.

Players who either want to re-purchase Bad Company 2 or have never played the game cannot go wrong with either choice. Yet I would be lying if I said both versions were equal – the PC version has a higher player count for vanilla, and Vietnam can also deliver a high player count when compared to the Xbox versions which seldom reach their maximum of 24 and even struggle to go past 15.

This concludes the comparison/review of the PC Bad Company 2 vs the Xbox One backwards compatible Bad Company 2 – PC has a higher player count and more chances to get into larger games than the Xbox version, but one can still have fun with the Xbox version albeit on a smaller scale. Thanks for reading everyone; please share this post with other readers, keep track of Thoughts and Topics for more content, check out the Patreon if you so wish, and we shall see you next time.

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