Call of Duty WW2 reveal.

Right so let us get right into the action here; Call of Duty WW2 was revealed today the 26 of April 2017 – the presentation was good. Now I will not dive right into the hype and say: “oh my goodness this was great – such a great game we will get later this year!” The presentation kept emphasizing: “this is authentic,” or “this is such a visceral story – it is such a new ‘boots on the ground’ experience!” Right, okay first off throwing around the word “authentic” will not make the game more entertaining or realistic – the actual product will speak for itself when it comes out. Second, I get it you want to market your product, but instead of talking so bloody much why not show us some gameplay? The presentation just had the reveal trailer and afterwards the voice actors and developers sat around with the host of the reveal talking about their game – I get enough of that stuff from watching actor interviews in the theaters before a film starts.


Then there are the tweets – they feel fake. Ever notice the difference between the actual commenters and the fake comments? Some are more vulgar than others and yes they need to be censored, but these tweets feel sterile and automated. However with that said, there seems to be new multiplayer modes which emphasize warfare (ie: capturing points, having objectives to complete etc) as opposed to headless chicken runs with SMGs – looks promising. This of course was just the developer talking; he has a valid reason to promote his product as the game needs to sell in order to recover the production cost and to make a profit – I get it.


Then there was zombies – just a picture and more boasting was all we got. Afterwards the broadcast concluded and IGN resumed their commentary. Also one thing to point out with this reveal is the story will focus on the European theater of the war from 1944 to 1945 – I am disappointed there is no Pacific Theater nor Eastern front action – the war was so much more than just Western Europe alone and the developers just decided: “no, D-Day up to the push to Berlin from the US perspective going in.” Sure I get it, the American audience want an American perspective of the war, but what about Italy and north Africa? US troops fought in North Africa initially alongside the Pacific before Italy and finally D-Day and onwards – they fought everywhere just like the British did. Having those important elements thrown out feels cheap and lackluster – at least Battlefield 1 included the Middle East and the Italian front with the Russian front coming soon.


Skeptical is my approach to this game. Indeed hardcore Call of Duty fans will drink this game up like the other additions to the franchise but I feel cheated as there is no Pacific theater, north African theater, nor Italian theater – many brave troops died on those fronts and all we ever get to see is: “NORMANDY! NORMANDY! D-Day – yeah!” This might be the point where I get annoyed with it, but even then I will probably watch the game movie just to see what all the fuss is about. Thank you all for reading, and we shall see you next time.

Call of Duty WW2 reveal video (1 hour 26 minutes):


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