Borderlands 2: the state of the game in 2017.

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Thought I might do a piece on the state of the game Borderlands 2 in the year 2017 – some folks like to play old games, and why not help them figure out things while you are at it? Diving right into it the game still has people playing online co-op: the multiplayer base is separated by a matchmaker that sets you up with the games that are closest to your level. One reason, I think, this happens is to avoid players jumping into level 61 games and being absolutely murdered when they join in.


The most common games I find are ones that are levels 29 and below; seldom do you find games above this level – I have no information to answer the question as to why this occurs. Level 24 tends to produce quite a few public games, with level 14 also producing a similar amount of of public games for players to join in.


Being this far into the game’s life cycle there will be times where you are playing in triple digit ping games – best thing to do is adjust your gameplay and hope your connection is somewhat stable enough to handle high ping. Generally I can get the game to run and get a couple of hours in with the title, though sometimes the ping is too high for me to even play so I end up leaving after rubber-banding all over the walls.


Borderlands 2 is still alive and healthy for players to enjoy. The game is even healthy enough to be featured on Steam’s stats in the top 20 of games with concurrent players. Feel free to re-install the game or pick it up on a Steam sale if you lack a copy – still alive, still strong.


P.S. Bear in mind that this “review” is for the PC version; consoles I do not have a copy of the game nor do I plan on purchasing it at the present.


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