Helldivers: state of the game in 2017, and news on the livestream schedule.

Hello folks!


Figured I’d make a single article containing two items this time around – it will be mostly a review of the current state of the online community for the game Helldivers on Steam (Sorry Playstation fans, I do not know what the health of the online community is like on those systems as I do not own a playstation 3 or 4 or Vita) with an update on the situation regarding the livestreaming schedule that is upcoming.

Helldivers; essentially it is a top-down shooter by Arrowhead games (the folks who made Magicka) and it is a Starship Trooper’s themed shooter. This game is chaotic and fun at the same time; friendly fire is always on, and as such all weapons you use must be aimed properly lest you blow up your own teammates and leave you standing alone against a horde of enemy AI. Now this far into the life cycle of the game (the game launched on Steam 7 December 2015) the community online is alive and well. Whether it is day or night there will always be a match going on of various difficulties and as long as you know how to play and work well with your team things will go smoothly.


During the afternoons – I find – is when the game is the most active. Plenty of folks tend to play in the afternoon for various reasons, and since we get no information as to the players’ location one has to assume that East coast and West Coast are just thrown in together and players play on a mega server. Playing with mouse and keyboard is of no trouble, and I often find that it is more accurate to aim with a mouse than a joystick so keep that in mind when choosing your hardware (I am uncertain if a controller option is available on PC but look into it should you wish to play using said hardware).


Helldivers folks, still alive and healthy 2 years into the game – pick it up on Steam and fight for the Federation (no really, they even named the government: “the Federation” after Starship Troopers)!


Alright now to the livestream schedule, thus far it is still a work-in-progress but it seems that I will be streaming in the mid-afternoons to early evening Pacific Standard/Daylight Time on the weekdays. Now these streams are not guaranteed, but this is the best time slot to be streaming on my end so I will make use of this. Feel free to drop by and view the stream – link is in the tabs at the top of the screen under Livestream Link(s) (Beta) as well as below – thanks for reading folks and we shall catch you next time.


Helldivers on Steam:


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