Wouldn’t it be great for a re-master of this game?

Unreal Championship 2, a re-master of the game with updated graphics. This title came out back in 2005 for the Xbox, and since then it has only ever seen modern systems via backwards compatibility with the 360 – Xbox One, to date, has no way of playing this old title.

The game was unique in that it was built from the ground up to be an Xbox experience. The title itself was the first to feature melee weapons like swords and staffs and players could switch from first to third person while using firearms and fight in third person only with melee weapons. The game was fast-paced, and it had a unique cast of characters and a somewhat okay story arc.


A re-master of this game would be an excellent move, one that would spark a renewed interest in – what I like to call – a classic title for the Xbox line of consoles. This game, even offline, was a joy to play and I often liked reading into the stories of the characters that lived in said universe. Having the game set in a sci-fi version of Earth where everything is Egyptian-themed was also a unique experience; the colours, the cities, and the landscapes and so on were different from the older Unreal Championship game where it was essentially a copy of the PC Unreal Tournament’s maps.


However if a re-master is not possible due to time limitations and so on, why not make it so that this old game is also playable on the Xbox One? Thus far backwards compatibility has been a huge success – why not expand it to include some Xbox games that were initially backwards compatible on the 360? Being an old game does not make it undesirable, so why not make it available to gamers of today’s console generation?


Ideas for people to ponder over – ultimately I do not work for Epic Games so it is completely out of my hands as to whether or not they will pursue this road. Here is hoping for a re-master, but if not I still have my 360 so I will find a copy at some local shop and play it from time to time – no sleep lost in this area. Thanks for reading folks, and take care.


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