Injustice 2 story arc review (spoilers).

Okay so I admit I did watch the first Injustice game movie per se, and was not overly impressed with it. Basically Superman goes all North Korea on the world to impose peace and Batman leads a resistance to fight against his tyranny. Long story short based on the second game’s story arc Batman wins and Superman goes to jail. Fast forward to the present game and Brainiac is the evil invader; this time Batman has the help of some former villains and he goes about attempting to re-establish stability and freedom while Superman’s die-hard supporters hide in the shadows.

Batman supporters include former enemies, and they side with the Superman faction to fight Brainiac. Superman is released and they go about fighting Brainiac – several battles take place before they finally unlock some magic to take down Brainiac’s shields on his ship and they invade his vessel to defeat him. After Brainiac is defeated the two sides meet up on board and the backstabbing begins.


Essentially the story can end in two areas – either Batman wins and imprisons Superman and the world has freedom again (and Supergirl joins the new Justice League formed by Batman) or Superman wins and basically programs Batman to be his follower, and offers Supergirl the same option – join him or be programmed to join him (he takes over Brainiac’s tech and uses it to: “convince” others to join his cause).


After two hours of game movie time it appears that the campaign is heavily scripted, and while you are given choices to choose who to fight with the majority of the experience is cinematic in nature meaning you are watching more than you are playing per se. Being a fighting game the cinematic experience is there to set up each fight where you lay down the hurt on the enemy forces before moving onto the next few pages of the book per se.


Great character design: all characters look well made and there is not a pixel that is out of place. Environments are also unique and despite not being a fan of fighting games I am tempted to pick this one up – more so to fight than to actually go through the campaign. The story feels odd for me; being a fan of Wonder Woman and Batman it pains me to see them on opposite sides, but that is how the story goes. Essentially the Justice League has broken into two parts: Superman and his followers who believe in a totalitarian-style regime where order is enforced, or Batman and his followers who believe in free will and choice – that freedom, while imperfect, is important above all else. A lot of Batman’s followers who were not former Superman followers believe in his cause for he believes in redemption and voluntary association – Superman just makes it mandatory for people to be associated with the regime or they will be faced with lethal force.

Strange paradox going on here; choose liberty or choose order – one still has order but there is a strict code and redemption is possible, while the other is peace and stability but with the ever-present feeling of violence just around the corner if you do not obey the rules to the letter. Different trains of thought; great setting for the game but I think I will stick with Superman being reasonable rather than: “you guys are dumb so let me go all North Korea on you and you get to live in peace – live in peace or I will jail and execute you for failing to live in peace.” This time around Injustice feels right, and definitely the second game shows improvements over the first – this might just be my first fighting game in decades.


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