They better not mess this up.

Destiny 2 had its reveal event today, and it was what you would expect out of a reveal event – lots of flashy video footage and passionate talk with some gameplay thrown in just to make people feel at ease about pre-ordering the game (I still think pre-ordering an unreleased product is insane and not advised). Taking away from what we saw at the event it basically boils down to this: they want to emphasize the story more, and the game will feel the same to veteran Destiny players who currently own the first game.

The event then goes on to feature some keynote speakers, and show off some features that many people found were missing from the first Destiny game (seeing a trend here anyone?). Being a witness to how badly done Destiny 1 was I am very skeptical about the items the developers claim to be delivering this time around. Indeed I worry that the game will fall flat on its face again as well-crafted “gameplay” moments and CGI cutscenes for the trailers do little to re-ignite my confidence in the game series that promised the world to us the first time around but ended up delivering a cubicle with no chair and a crappy 1998 PC with Windows 95 – a real disappointment.


The usual routine applies here folks; link to the video is below – it’s an hour long so please do not watch this at work lest you be fired for spending an hour on something when there was work to be done. Thanks for reading folks – take care.


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One response to “They better not mess this up.”

  1. Darkrast says :

    Not sure if a massive success like Destiny ever fell flat on it’s face statistically speaking, but I know a lot of people are concerned about the final product.

    It’ll be my entry into the series thanks to a PC version. So I’m hoping it doesn’t suck! Lol.

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