Another round of Gwent!!!

Right Gwent – good game! Now to be more detailed, the game is similar to the mini-game found in Witcher 3 but some of the leader cards have changed and the game will feel familiar to those of you who have played Hearthstone. Gwent, being a stand-alone title now, must have these features in order to attract players to the game rather than turn them off completely if it was released as just a copy-paste of Gwent from Witcher 3.

Now I have the game for both PC and Xbox One – the game, as it stands, is a free open beta and judging from the FAQ the business model going forward is to have it release as a Free-to-play with card pack sales for the game. Now playing on PC you get a free range of motion in that you can just mouse directly over whatever you want and click on it per se, whereas the Xbox version you need to go step by step (ie: up past the siege, ranged, and melee rows of your side before viewing the cards of the enemy that are on the field in their respective rows) in order to scroll over a card you wish to view. After sinking in some time into the game I can safely say that playing with a mouse is a lot more interesting than a controller when it comes to Gwent – user experience may vary.


The game’s interface is also different from the Witcher 3 version, and the weather effects have changed since Witcher 3. However with all that said, ultimately Gwent is still Gwent and anyone who has played Gwent in the Witcher 3 will feel right at home with this game. Run through the tutorial to get a good handle on the game, and then off to the races you go.


A note before I end this post for today, Gwent on PC will require you to register with GoG – the digital distribution site for CD Projekt Red; Xbox has no additional registration. Thanks for reading folks, and we shall see you next time.

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