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Just finished the Microsoft Press Conference for E3 2017 and they announced Xbox original games will be backwards compatible on Xbox One – wow. Initial thought: “surprise?” However after the feeling had sunk in it is great, we will see Crimson Skies along with other classic Xbox games coming to Xbox One this fall, and here is hoping Unreal Championship 2 will appear as well.


The press conference itself didn’t announced much regarding Xbox games; they only teased it with the opening animation for the original Xbox, and everything before and after was exclusive games from big and small studios and showcasing their main line up. The press conference itself was good, and it was better than EA so at least there was that. Looking forward to later on we have Bethesda tonight, and Sony and Ubisoft tomorrow.


Let us see what else E3 has in store for us: thank you all for reading and I shall see you next time.


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