Bethesda’s press conference.

Right so Bethesda did their press conference last night around 9pm pacific time and it was sort of lackluster. A lot of the announcements throughout the conference were all current issue games (out on the market already) and they were simply adding more to these games (Fallout 4, Skyrim, etc). Yet despite the lack of new titles announced (Wolfenstein 2 was announced – more on that later) I was not entirely disappointed with the Bethesda conference; sure a new title (brand new IP) would have been nice but it is also nice to see them support current games and keep their players happy.


Now the Creators Club kind of has me worried that it would eat away at free mods and replace them with paid ones. Now it seems that this service is for Developer-made mods, but if they start throwing in ordinary Modders into the mix with no free option then I would be worried. Sure Modders deserve to get paid for their work, but you don’t take something that has been free forever and make it mandatory to pay because: “F-you give me money.” When the program gets more details we will know exactly what they are up to over there at the studios.


Alright now to the actual new release: Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus – wow was that a good looking trailer. Now I will be honest I am not a major fan of the series, however I can see the beauty of said title set in an alternate history where the Axis forces – specifically Germany – have won the war against the allies (and with strange futuristic technology as well). The trailer hinted at the game taking place in the American deep south which could be interesting depending on the writing and the environment design – we shall see.


Wolfenstein 2 looks promising, and the best part about the entire conference was that everything – EVERYTHING – will be out this year (unless they push it back – it can happen folks, it can happen). Overall the conference was not terrible, but it wasn’t all to exciting either; this of course is dependent upon the viewer and what their expectations were going in. Anyways folks that’s it for this one, thanks for reading and I shall see you next time.


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