Sony’s E3 2017 press conference.

Games, games, and more games – Sony did little talking and just threw out games. This time around the press conference just delivered trailer after trailer, and a lot of the games announced were for the new Playstation VR headset; definitely will not be playing that as I am not a fan of wearing something on top of my glasses. Get motion sick, wear glasses, or just dislike wearing a thing over your face while gaming on your couch? TOO BAD YOU WILL BUY IT TO PLAY ON PLAYSTATION – WE”RE NUMBER 1!!


Frustration aside, they announced some ready-to-go titles like Uncharted The Lost Legacy, what appears to be story DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn, and one other title that I cannot remember off the top of my head at the moment. Overall a good line up for upcoming releases, with some appetizers for the future: God of War, Monster Hunter, and Shadow of the Colossus – amazing stuff.


Starting off with God of War, it seems the protagonist is actually the Kratos from the previous Greek mythology games and it appears that he has migrated north to start a family (I was under the impression that it was a look-alike). Instead of chain-blades and a Spartan shield and spear we have a magical axe that marks a departure from the typical gameplay that we are familiar with; sure axes and chain-blades fight the same but it appears that the axe will perform differently than the older weapons. Apart from that the trailer seems to indicate that Kratos will explore his past as he goes off to fight the Norse gods that inhabit the new region he now lives in.


Monster Hunter, what a strange choice for the Playstation. After hunting a giant dinosaur we see the character sit down to cook meat which, if it is an actual emote, might be a fun animation to play around with in-game. Apart from that my only experience with Monster Hunter was from the Nintendo handheld devices, so it will be a new take on the series – more to come as details unfold.


Finally Shadow of the Colossus – never played it in-depth on the older playstation but I know a lot of people were waiting for a new game; a fan base like that should mean, ideally, that the game is bound to be something special once it hits the market. Apart from the trailer showing off the giant beasts we see little that will inform us of the game; more to come on that one as well I suppose.


Unlike the Ubisoft press conference which featured a bunch of stuff I have absolutely no interest in (Dance games, racing games, sports…) Sony seemed to focus in on what makes its system attractive to its customer base. While it does little to convince folks like myself to cough up the extra dollars to buy a system, the games coming out for the system are unique, fresh, and ultimately fun to play (looks like, anyways) – really looking forward to at least see the story movies as these games come out.


One note to write on before closing this post, Detroit Become Human looks great. Sure it can be a colossal failure, but right now with the info we have available the game looks good. All we ask for is meaningful choices, and it appears to deliver that; furthermore the facial animations are really good, and there are titles where realistic graphics adds to the experience – this is one of those titles. Looking forward I am hopeful that the Playstation will deliver some quality games in the coming year – here is hoping, however, that VR is not going to take over the system completely. Similar to the Kinect the VR headset looks to be a trend and games being developed for the headset is resources taken away from conventional games development – should this be the reality for the system there will be a lot of pissed off gamers.


Anyways folks this concludes the Sony press conference post, thank you all for reading and I shall see you next time.


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