“We’ll be in touch soon.”

Yeah, okay sure you will – why don’t you just tell me that I did not get the job already? Save everyone the trouble of guessing and we can move on, both mentally and physically so to speak. Buzzwords is what hiring managers like to use to keep people “at ease” about the loss of opportunity in a market with ever shrinking opportunities as jobs are made redundant or are shipped overseas because, well, it’s cheaper.


Great, so here we are in year three of looking for work and nothing thus far has panned out. There were some gigs here and there but all were low pay or very short term, and all ended before we could even make a real difference – is this what college professors talked about when they spoke of: “opportunities?” They market to us all these wonderful stories of how getting this degree and that degree alongside a certificate and what not will land us work, and yet here I sit with my education, graduated, alongside countless others wondering: “where are all the jobs they spoke of?”


One example is policing; they said back in 2010: “retirements and openings are expected in the coming five years…” Right, now it’s 2017 – seven years onwards – and not a single opening is spotted. Quite the opposite in fact, these departments take in two to five people a year, and most are overseas cops looking for opportunity here in Canada. Locally trained and educated are being shoved aside for cops who come from beyond, and while some may argue that this could be better than hiring unskilled recruits imagine if the officer was a corrupt virus to begin with and managed to slip under the radar into another police force? Yeah, more police brutality stories are coming – ye be warned.


Next we have engineering and computer science fields; reality check all the jobs are state-side. Engineers who graduated in Ontario are stuck applying for work at Sobeys – a grocery store chain. Computer science folks may have it easier, but now we see staff from cheaper jurisdictions being shipped into Canada to fill in gaps that would cost a fortune if they hired locally – good game lads, good game. Plus even if the gig is high-paying, it is in the United States of America – with the attitude towards foreigners down there good luck finding work.


Finally we have marketing and accounting grads; the market is so saturated that my former classmates who were in those programs are working at Best Buy nearly 3 years after graduation – nice (sarcasm). Again they were told by councilors and high school advisors to: “get an education, it’ll be worth it.” Right okay maybe down the line sure, and maybe I am being short-sighted, but last I checked this dream was further marketed to us as a way to: “quickly improve one’s situation,” not a: “wait ten years and see what happens!”


Pretty soon the country will complain that not enough kids are being born; reality check old folks we cannot afford to birth children, they cost a fortune in today’s world. Housing is also an issue; rent is through the roof (2,000.00 per month for a studio flat) and the joker of a mayor of Vancouver is Mr.Big business yet people still elect him because money grows on trees and they like high taxes and more out-of-control spending.


This sort of behaviour continues we will see this country decline; the government is a failure, the people are unable to get ahead, hiring managers vomit out buzzwords to avoid hiring locals, the university system lies to us, and the world moves on without us – good game everybody.


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