“We’ve decided to move on to other candidates that best fit the needs of the company…”

“…we encourage you to continue to apply to positions of interest to you. Thank you for choosing (insert company name here).”

Poison, falsehood – lies that spit forth from automated messaging systems to calm the seeker who desires to be employed. Aching is the head from having to read numerous lies, yet the machine grinds on – the lies continue.


They shoved our names into the pot and left it there to rot – forgetting that people deserve to be considered. Often these companies have a sense of superiority, a sense of entitlement – that labour and workers are their due rights, and that the common folk should beg for the meager wages they put forth. When complaints of lack of benefits and pay spark up, the aristocrats among them shall spit forth: “peasants rejoice for you have work! Service to the rich is a gift; many out there simply lack work and are lost – no purpose in life, nor a drive to go on. Be thankful, be humble my servants!”


They know full well that a starving workforce is an unhappy workforce; in the past they hired crooked guns to silence the voices for equality and fairness. Fake police forces existed to cater to their whims as the bullets sank deep into the bodies of workers who wanted safe conditions in factories which claimed life and limb of many.


Rejection, false hopes, and low pay are the reality many of us live in – jobless, hopeless, and watching the world shun us as we fight to better ourselves. They shun us, because in their hearts it makes them feel better about the meager wages they pull in, the multiple sources of employment they must suffer through to pay rent and get cheap food on the table. They shun us because in the end they know their fates will be the same as machines court the rich and promise them loyal servants to work their factories and businesses – they grow fat and rich while the rest must fight for scraps.


We have come full circle, a new feudal age will begin – hail to the king.


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