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Going out feels like going to work…

I’ve often not thought of the feeling; whenever I dived into my car and drove off to meet a friend for dinner or an afternoon’s diversions I never thought of how much the act itself reminded me of work. The fixed timetable of meeting in a particular spot meant that the activity never felt relaxed – there were places to be, people to meet; much like work it seems.


Work is much the same in a way; you are expected at a location at a certain time, and time itself feels like it does not belong to you (in truth it does not for you are paid to work on someone’s behalf). Indeed while you are there willingly you often expend time in a fashion which feels mechanical; that it pulls you along even if you do not want to go forward, and the train just keeps going on and on without pause.


Meeting people for an evening out feels a lot like work today; suddenly I feel the pull of time, and it feels as though I am limited in my free time thanks to my constant: “hey, are you free this Saturday?” Indeed I sometimes wake up late on the day of the event only to realize that I have little time to spare for my own personal activities – the games have to wait, and sometimes even a quick shower has to wait; much to the disappointment of myself.


People often complain about not feeling rested come Monday morning; they drank and partied and when Sunday’s hours started to tick by they still vomited their own time out like it was worthless – I suppose what is beautiful very much depends on the eye of the beholder.


Going out feels like work – I think I will stay in most weekends henceforth. Time is finite and I want to spend it however I want; under my command, under my orders, and with no timetable say for meal times and sleep – rest and food are important.


Update 10 September 2017.

Hello folks;


Wondering where all the content has gone as of late? Worry not there is no pay wall or anything – I have a different full time job now so I seldom have time to write on this blog. I know Destiny 2 is out, and Uncharted Lost Legacy as well – I watched both cutscene movies in chunks and they were good.


Uncharted went full Tomb Raider, complete with sassy female protagonist and lots of shooting. Destiny 2 feels better than Destiny 1, but at the moment I’m more into games where I can see my characters, and thus a lot of first-person games are pushed aside in favour of titles like Gears of War, Witcher, and so on.


Yet to give an opinion on the story itself, it is a lot better than the first game and shows some improvement where they did the work to improve the experience. However there were bits of the story that felt forced, and I just didn’t feel engaged in the story as I did a title like – say – Final Fantasy 15.


Sadly with less time available after work means that the format of a page-long review of cutscene movies is starting to look like an endangered species. Time will tell if things change, or whether or not I can modify the format to keep the meat but reduce the fat so to speak.


Just thought you folks would like to know what has been happening these past couple of months – hopefully you’ll stick around and with luck I can revise the format of content delivery and we will be back on schedule; with that I thank you all for reading and I shall see you next time.