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Is there more to life than work?

Question of life, is it not – can one have more meaning in life than just work? A lot of folks still view men as primary income earners; that their purpose is just to work long hours to support a family – feels somewhat unfair considering how the market then expects them to also spend like drunken sailors.


Women are expected to work and raise kids; kindof stressful, is it not? Whether or not they choose to have children it is vital for balance and cooperation (marriage/co-habitation is a partnership of sorts –  raising children is a team effort), yet out there they expect so much of women – no wonder wine sales are spiking.


The weight of life feels heavy, the pressure to succeed according to established behaviours constantly knocking on the door. When we get two hours to ourselves, someone walks in and says: “can you do this for me? Can you help me with this?” You want to say: “no” but you say: “yes” because you feel like you are not pulling your own weight in the team.


Eight-hour workdays, eight hours of sleep (if you want to remain healthy and so on), and two hours of free time – everything else is shower time, exercise time (because they want physically fit conscripts), bathroom time, and travel time (more if you live far from work). The endless feeling of deadlines, time limits, and so on is ever-going, and it just swallows us whole.


However not having a job (especially one that pays well) means living in poverty; poverty does not equal happiness as it is a story of hunger, depression, abuse, and possibly suicide – a never-ending misery. Without work there is no money; they say money can’t buy happiness but that new Xbox or delicious meal sure as hell feels like happiness.


Perhaps we should view work as a means to an end, not an end itself – sure it means we still have to keep the job but we use it as a stepping stone to something else, whenever it may pop up in the future.


Often websites call for you to be your own boss, and while it offers independence you work more than if you were working a regular 9-5 job – all calls go to you, all financial problems go to you, and the success or failure of the business is all on you. Sure you get your independence, but you lose a steady paycheck, and you gain a lot more pressure that could end up costing you more (you are stressed more so you spend more to try and alleviate that stress).


I suppose there is advantages and disadvantages to everything; really you do what you think will lead you to a happy state: working a steady trades job and want to keep going? do it. Want to drop everything and fly off to some distant country? Do it. Remember that you are responsible for your actions, and as such you will bear the rewards and consequences of those actions.


Even with that said, it still comes back to the original question that pops into the mind from time to time: is there more to life than work? Even dream jobs are still jobs; even traveling and blogging is work – you gotta eat, so you gotta work.


Such a weird circle; maybe I’ll drop everything and go bake bread for a living – at least I can save money on food by making my own via business expenses.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Assassin’s Creed Origins story discussion.

(Spoilers ahead)

Hello readers,


Star Wars Battlefront 2’s campaign story was made available today so I took some time to watch through the game movie (it is not public release but I’m guessing the channel had permission to release it so I watched it). After finishing the story I figured I’d combine it with the AC Origins discussion I promised a while back as I was working on that and finished it sometime last week – starting things off we have AC Origins.


Origins takes us back to the roots of the Assassin’s Creed universe; we are at the very beginning of both the Templar Order (just: “The Order” back then) and the Brotherhood of Assassins – we see Egypt during a time when Rome was the big boy in the sandbox and Egypt is facing turmoil thanks to internal strife and threats from beyond its borders.


The characters (a couple) lose their son and go on a path of revenge – when they reach the end they discover that The Order operates in other places in the world and that they have to split up to deal with the threat thus forming the Assassins to counter – you guessed it – The Order. Along the way you work for Cleopatra, you find out Caesar is an Order member, and lots of killing is involved.


The story gives the gamer a look into the Assassin’s Order past, but apart from that there isn’t much else to look forward towards. Sure there are tombs of ancient Egyptian monarchs to explore and what not, but the universe feels like an open world with a linear story and nothing else to see off the beaten path; that said all I did was watch the game movie so what do I know, right? The story is satisfactory – you can watch it in the link below:


Next we have Battlefront 2 – I have been waiting for this day since it was announced earlier this year. Starting things off we have our Imperial protagonist of which I did read the Battlefront 2 Inferno Squad book to get a better understanding of who she was and what was going on (listened to the audiobook rather, and it was narrated by the same voice actress as the game’s protagonist). However shortly after a series of setbacks we discover that the Empire is purging loyal worlds to set an example of who is still in charge and our protagonist defects to the New Republic and then fights the war from that perspective right up to the final victory on Jakku. Along the way we meet some colourful characters, the protagonist tries to save her dad but is unsuccessful (he decides to die on the bridge of his Star Destroyer like the good Imperial he was) and the story was overall a fun ride (Albeit short, sadly).


The story was touted as purely an Imperial story, and while it isn’t entirely the case we get something that is more than just: “this story is Imps good, Rebs bad” but rather how loyalties change depending on the circumstances. Indeed the main character and her teammate defect while her close friend and former squad member remains loyal to the Empire, eventually moving on to become part of the First Order; this was a nice touch and while some might get upset that the story wasn’t a full on “remain loyal to Empire and be part of First Order,” it was a good story nonetheless. Definitely worth a look, the link to the full story will be located below:



This concludes the combo review of Assassin’s Creed Origins and Battlefront 2 – thanks for reading everyone and we shall see you next time.

Wolfenstein 2 and Call of Duty World War 2 story combo.

(There are spoilers below – you have been warned.)


Alright folks we are finally in November and thus far we have Assassin’s Creed Origins, Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus, and Call of Duty World War 2 – I will cover AC Origins at a later date as it requires more time to watch through the game movie.


Wolfenstein 2 was a joy to watch; the villain from the previous game returns, and now you are in America sparking a revolution. The story is outlandish and fun, with moments that make the dark universe in which the game takes place a bit easier to digest so to speak. The resistance loses one of their own, our boy BJ takes on a new body after a nasty run in with the occupation, and the game ends with resistance sparking up – we all need a good ending here and there. The link to the full game movie is just below: next up is Call of Duty World War 2.


The story of CoD WW2 felt like an old book being re-written over and over again; US Army in Normandy in 1944 and it goes into Germany in ’45. Presently there are a ton of games, movies, books and so on that cover that part of the war where the US Army was competent, well put together and winning the war like it was nothing – why did they not put some time into North Africa, or even the Pacific theater? Sure I get it the story was meant to focus in on the European campaign and show the reality of war; you see comrades freeze in Belgium during the winter of 1944, you see a fellow soldier get captured and later on you rescue him and witness the horrors of work camps, concentration camps and so on, but the story felt forced and it was familiar enough to be a bit of a let down.


The reason why I brought up North Africa was because I finished an Audiobook earlier last week that discussed about the campaign from 1942 to 1943 – it was an eye-opening story. First the US Army really fell on its face in that campaign, and had to learn fast in order to fight the Axis forces in that theater; it was a heavy price in both blood and material – not something that makes people feel super and great in a game and thus I can understand the reason why the developers chose Europe in 1944 to 1945. Still, we should explore more of the less-discussed theaters as I think gamers are mature enough to see the other side of war – the glory that was the Allies and their victory in Europe in 45 and later in the pacific some months later was achieved at a cost; Burma, North Africa, Italy – the price of victory wasn’t cheap. Anyways folks the link to the game movie for Call of Duty WW2 is located below.


This concludes the story combo – I regret not having the time to dive further into each game but I figured you would enjoy the story by watching it rather than by reading about it on some blog (humor intended). With that folks I wish you well and we shall see you next time.